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Melbourne AWS User Group Monthly Meetup

Our regular monthly meetup (on the last Wednesday of every month).

Arrive at 6:00 pm for food, beverages and hard-core racing action! Presentations kick off from 6:45 pm.

A huge thanks to our Gold sponsor Innablr ( for making these events possible across 2019.

And to our silver sponsors AC3 ( for their presentation this month – a fantastic intro to Amazon Sumerian.

Don't forget if you can't make it on the night you can still watch the live stream:

This month we took delivery of our very own AWS DeepRacer track! So we're going to change the structure of the meetup around a bit and include some racing. If you've trained your own DeepRacer ( model on AWS' virtual track bring it in on a thumb drive (not USB-C) and try it out on our two DeepRacer cars!

Our second presentation this month is an intro to AWS DeepRacer as well, so if you haven't had a chance to check it out we'll give you all the tools you need to participate in future months.

June Agenda:

  • Melbourne DeepRacing (6pm to 6:45pm – includes pizza)
  • Introductions
  • Arjen and Chris: What's new in AWS
  • Greg Cockburn and John Ferlito: Teach Amazon Sumerian to play Rock, Paper, Scissors [Level 200]
  • Marketplace (Who's Hiring)
  • Short break
  • Arjen Schwarz: DeepRacer: From Start to Finish [Level 200]

Teach Amazon Sumerian to play Rock, Paper, Scissors

  • Greg Cockburn and John Ferlito

Level 200

Would you like to know how to teach Amazon Sumerian how to play Rock, Paper, Scissors? Come listen to Greg Cockburn and John Ferlito talk about how they built the AC3 booth game for the AWS Sydney Summit.

DeepRacer: From Start to Finish

  • Arjen Schwarz

Level 200

DeepRacer! Miniature self-driving cars! What's not to love about it? In late April AWS released it for all of us to use, and now the User Group has its own track. To celebrate this I will give an introduction into the service: What is reinforcement learning? How do you build your models for the race? And most importantly, how do you then use this to race in the User Group league?

If you would like to volunteer or present at a future meetup please get in touch via the website:

Want to join us? 4 spaces available

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Want to get involved?

We’re always on the look out for speakers, sponsors and volunteers to help put on these events. If you’d like to be a part of it read on!


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Founded in July 2011, the Melbourne AWS User Group is Australia’s oldest Amazon Web Services-focused user group, and the eighth oldest such group in the world. From the original seven attendees in Melbourne’s York Butter Factory, we now regularly host meetups with 100+ attendees in the York Butter Factory’s Teamsquare ballroom on Bourke Street, as well as regular special events in the Melbourne AWS office. With 3000+ group members, we are amongst the 20 largest city-specific AWS user groups in the world.


With a combined experience with Amazon Web Services of more than 20 years, the organisers takes care of the regular operation of the Melbourne AWS User Group. From liaising with sponsors, to arranging venues, speakers, and catering, as well as ensuring the smooth operation of the event each night. They have overseen more than 70 successful AWS User Group meetups, with many more to come.

Rob Amos

Organiser, Event Host

Chris Coombs

Organiser, Event Host

Arjen Schwarz

Organiser, Event Host

Rob Linton

Founder, Treasurer