About Us

The Melbourne AWS User Group is a community group based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We meet primarily to discuss Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its ecosystem; to swap stories, share knowledge, and generally try to advance the skills and capabilities of our members.

We exist solely for the benefit of the community, whether you are a regular attendee or volunteer, or are interested in being a part of it for the first time. There is no cost for attending any of our events or participating in our digital channels, and we welcome everyone regardless of skill level or experience with AWS.


As a larger group (4500+ members), we’ve had to evolve over the years into a layered structure:

Our events and digital channels are open to all members of the community free of charge. There are no events or exclusives locked up in higher layers.


The community are our 4500+ members on Meetup.com, as well as those who follow us on social media or are part of our Slack team. The community extends to every person in Melbourne, or who visits Melbourne, and wishes to learn about AWS, or to share knowledge, or just participate.

The Melbourne AWS User Group exists because of this communuity, and its through this community that we give back.


Our volunteers are the lifeblood of the Melbourne AWS User Group. From managing our online prescence, speaking at events to helping setup and tear down events, and chasing sponsors; they are the reason that we are able to stage events and manage a group as large as we do. Learn more »


The Melbourne AWS User Group is managed by an Incorporated Association, registered as the Melbourne AWS User Group Inc.. This allows us to have a bit more formality to the structure, provides a number of legal benefits and ensures that the funds and organisation exists solely for the benefit of the community. Learn more »


As per the rules of the Association, a committee is elected each year to manage the business of the Association, and together with the volunteers and community at large, run events and sessions for the benefits of the community itself. Learn more »

Partners and sponsors

We have a number of Partners who provide sponsorship, venues, equipment and swag to the group. Their support is invaluable and are what allow us to put events on free of charge, and to record and live stream each event, and a great deal more. Learn more about sponsoring »

How we operate

The Melbourne AWS User Group is a not-for-profit organisation funded solely through donations and sponsorship. For the first several years sponsors would pay the costs for each individual event held. This meant we never had to manage invoices or cash flow, but it also meant we were on the hook to find a sponsor for every single event, and we had no income to purchase equipment (e.g. for live sreaming).

In 2018 we moved to an annual sponsorship model. Now, at the beginning of each calendar year the committee sells sponsorship to interested local companies, who receive exposure and benefits throughout the year. Many of our sponsors hire employees from the community and see it as a way to support the continued growth of the community and industry in Melbourne.