Organisers Committee

Like all incorporated associations, the Melbourne AWS User Group Inc is managed by a committee.

Our committee is an evolution of the group of organisers we had prior to our incorporation, and they perform essentially the same role, though more formally.


Our first committee will be formalised at the Special General Meeting to incorporate the Melbourne AWS User Group Inc.


The Melbourne AWS User Group was founded by Rob Linton in 2011. He has stepped down from day to day organisation of the group's activities at the end of 2018 but still plays a key role in the management of the association as it's Treasurer.

Current Committee

The committee is elected at our AGM and serves its term for one year.

President, SecretaryRob Amos
Vice-PredisentArjen Schwarz
TreasurerRob Linton
Ordinary MembersChris Coombs

Roles, powers and duties

The roles, powers and duties for the committee are described in great detail in the association rules. We include a summary below though, as not everyone enjoys reading legal documents.

The committee in general (or authorised sub-committees) is responsible for managing all business of the Melbourne AWS User Group. If it needs to make changes to the structure or rules of the association itself it needs to get approval from a majority of members.

President and Vice-President

The President, and in their absence, the Vice-President, is the chairperson for every committee or meeting.


The Secretary holds the most responsibility within the association, as they are the bridge between the assoication and Consumer Affairs Victoria. The Secretary is the only role recognised in the law, and are responsible for maintaining the register and submitting documents to CAV.


The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring all money in or out of the association is recorded, and that any incoming funds end up in the association's bank account. They're also responsible for compiling the end-of-year financial statement and presenting it at the Annual General Meeting.

Election of the Committee

The committee is elected at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and serves a one year term until the next AGM and the positions are declared vacant. Any eligible member of the association may nominate for a position on the committee. If you are interested in serving on the next committee we encourage you to speak to the current committee to help learn the role(s) you might be interested in.