Melbourne AWS User Group Inc.

The Melbourne AWS User Group is run by an Incorporated Association known as the Melbourne AWS User Group Inc., which is registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Being a member of the association is not required to attend our events. They are open to the public, simply RSVP on Meetup.


You can find the official registration details transcribed below over at Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Registration NumberA0109651G
Registration StatusRegistered
Date Registered29 April 2020
Members5 or more
Date Secretary Appointed29 April 2020
Registration Extract
You can purchase a legal extract of the registered details of the Melbourne AWS User Group Inc. at Consumer Affairs Victoria.

Why an Association?

There are a number of benefits to registering as an incorporated association. The Consumer Affairs Victoria website has a great breakdown on the advantages and disadvantages.

In general, being a registered association gives us a lot of advantages that were attractive, such as a more secure financial foundation (we’re a registered not-for-profit organisation), the ability to open our own bank account instead of relying on the organisers’ business accounts, some level of protection against liability and the ability to take things to the next level.

As well, we see the small increased burden in formalising the user group as an advantage as well. The requirements for better record keeping and publishing minutes of all meetings benefits the community as well. It helps us be more open and transparent, and the structure we’ve chosen can help democratise the user group and give the community a larger voice.