Get Involved


You don’t have to be a professional presenter to speak at a User Group. Some of the most valuable presentations we see are those were members of the community have learnt something new or discovered a helpful tool – sharing that newfound knowledge or enthusiasm enriches the entire community.

Speaking at a User Group is also a great way to get started presenting – the environment is relaxed and welcoming, and community members are great for feedback. You’d be surprised how often the group is just as excited about a tool or technique as you are!

If you’re a company looking to spruik your AWS-related product, please note we do not accept sales pitches or product demos. We’d much rather a technical presentation demonstrating your capabilities or contributions to the open source AWS ecosystem. We may accept a technical case study from one of your customers on a case-by-case basis, but note that all proposals from companies are assessed by the organisers primarily on the value they provide to the User Group.



Many hours go into each meetup and many hands are a bounty, but it doesn’t take a large commitment to help out! A little bit of time can go a long way, so if you feel you can contribute even a small amount, join us in #volunteers on Slack.