YouTube Channel

If you’ve been to one of the meetups since a September you would have noticed the iPhone camera sitting on top of the speaker and the handsome gentleman with the iPad running around. We were experimenting with live streaming the events on Twitch. We’ll publish more about the live streaming setup we use, but suffice to say that experiment was a success!

So we’re happy to properly announce the start of the Melbourne AWS User Group’s YouTube channel. You will already find 4-5 videos published there from last year’s presentation. Videos will be published of all future presentations (subject to the presenter’s approval and any technical difficulties) a few days after each event. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter for updates. A link to the YouTube channel is in the top menu, or you can hit up if you prefer to type urls.

Live Streaming

We’ll also continue to live stream every event we can (subject to the presenter’s approval) but we’ll do it over on YouTube. Twitch was good for alignment with the AWS content (it’s owned by Amazon) but not much else. The experience over at YouTube is a lot better for viewers and it makes sense to keep it all together.

You can find the live stream link in the top menu, or you can hit up

A big WATCH LIVE button will appear on the front page of the site also whenever the stream is live.