March 2019 Meetup

While we had to move the meetup to a Thursday instead of our usual Wednesday, it was a great evening. Gold sponsor Innablr gave their presentation and was present in big numbers, all of them very noticeable in their good looking purple shirts. But mostly, once again so many of you turned up to hear the speakers and have discussions about anything AWS. While we always thank our sponsors it’s good to remember that without you, the community, there wouldn’t be a user group either. So thank you for showing up. Maybe AWS heard last month’s complaints about us not getting anything new in Sydney as this month we had several things. Not all of it might be of interest to you, but it’s good to see our little region here catching up with the rest of the world.

Speaking of Sydney, consider this your reminder that the AWS Summit there is coming up so make sure to register if you haven’t done so already. Which brings us to the highlight of the evening: the talks. Mahesh Rayas from Innablr spoke about Painless (almost) Account Vending in AWS and was introduced by Shane Lavelle, from BetEasy, who explained why they needed an application vending machine. They had hired Innablr to build this for them and Mahesh explained how through several iterations they ended up with their current design, how it works, and what else was involved with this setup. As usual, you can download the slides or better yet listen to Mahesh explain all of this in his own words.


Our second speaker was Archit Kejariwal who told us about his personal experience as a junior developer. The presentation, titled Experiences of a Junior Developer in An Enterprise Infrastructure Team, focused on these first months and specifically what he learned, what turned out to be useful for him, and also what it brought to the team. As we’re all constantly learning, it’s good to see how someone new experiences things and what good habits they might pick up. The slides are available, but again you’ll get more value out of watching the below video.


Finally, we want to acknowledge once again that none of this is possible without our sponsors. Innablr is our gold sponsor for 2019, with Bulletproof, Parallels, and A Cloud Guru as our silver sponsors. Many thanks to them for ensuring we have food and drinks available for all of you. P.S. Did anyone notice we had new pizza’s this month?