April 2019 Meetup

When you sandwich a meetup between two different public holidays, would you expect a lot of people to show up? If you have as great a community as we do and a couple of awesome speakers, the answer to that is a resounding yes! Thank you for everyone who came along and made the evening a success. And if you couldn’t make it because you were off on a holiday somewhere just keep on reading and watch the videos.

This month we mentioned several upcoming conferences in our announcements section. While it’s a bit late for the Sydney Summit now (seeing as being there prevented me from writing this earlier), you might still be interested in the upcoming re:Inforce or Serverless Days Melbourne. And while we didn’t mention it at the meetup, at the summit Community Day 2019 was announced and this year it will be in Melbourne! As this takes place the day after Serverless Days, keep in mind which one you prefer, or just go to both.

In the lead up to the Summit it looks like AWS wanted us all in a good mood as we had several interesting items for our “Finally in Sydney” segment. Most of them are around filesystems, but I know from personal experience that people were looking forward to these.

Which brings us to the presentations. Nicholas Hollings kicked off with AWS Direct Connect - Changes to Connectivity. Nicholas explained the differences between the types of Direct Connect and what patterns you can use to tie it into your account(s). Unfortunately, AWS wasn’t kind enough to release their Transit Gateway integration with Direct Connect in time for this presentation so he couldn’t go into details about that. Diagrams of the discussed patterns are in the slides and as always it’s recommended to watch the below video for the full experience.


Our second presentation was from returning speaker Matthew Merriel AWS Amplify - hosting, auth, data storage and analytics all rolled into one. After his presentation in February, Matthew was asked to come back to discuss Amplify in more detail and that’s what this presentation was all about. He went through the process of creating a notes app and adding authentication to it. As the presentation mostly consisted of a live demo the only way to follow along is to watch the below video.


Finally, we want to acknowledge once again that none of this is possible without our sponsors. Innablr is our gold sponsor for 2019, with AC3 (formerly Bulletproof), Parallels, and A Cloud Guru as our silver sponsors. Many thanks to them for ensuring we have food and drinks available for all of you.