May 2019 Meetup

Our May meetup was filled up because once again we had a pair of fantastic speakers. Unfortunately our video game wasn’t as on point as usual since our usual camera guru (Rob) was on a well-deserved holiday. While we did our best, there were a couple issues with the stream and Rob is still trying to rescue the recordings into something usable. Which is why we’re a bit later with this writeup. If Rob manages to rescue the videos they get added here, otherwise you have my sincere apologies.

After the news, which contained a lot of upcoming conferences, we then had our usual segment about the new announcements from AWS. And once again, AWS was kind to us regarding services coming to Sydney.

The first of our speakers was Dale Salter from our silver sponsor A Cloud Guru. In his presentation “Serverless Leaderboards” Dale showed off how he built a leaderboard using only serverless tools. This not only included a dive into optimising DynamoDB for this solution, but also why he made certain decisions regarding the architecture. You can download the slides here.

Our second talk was by Amrith Radhakrishnan and Sudev Kurur. They spoke about “Patching Immutable and in-place EC2 instances using Step functions and AWS Systems Manager”. Doing so, they gave a good overview of why you still need to care about the instances you have running and how you can ensure that, regardless of how they were provisioned, they will contain the latest security patches. For more details you can have a look at the slides.

Finally, we want to acknowledge once again that none of this is possible without our sponsors. Innablr is our gold sponsor for 2019, with AC3, Parallels, and A Cloud Guru as our silver sponsors. Many thanks to them for ensuring we have food and drinks available for all of you.