We Have A Podcast!

This time where we have to keep our distance is not easy for anyone. One of the impacts it has for our community is that we can’t see each other at our monthly meetups. While from this month forward we aim to hold our events online, we also felt that alone might not be enough to keep the community engaged.

Of course, we have our Slack where we have discussions, but we figured we’d try something more as well. And because of that we have started a podcast! The aim with the podcast is that it happens more often than the meetup so you can still hear about what’s going on.

Our very first episode is especially for those of you who were sad to miss out on the What’s New segment from our (unfortunately) cancelled March meetup. To make up for that, I was joined by both Jean-Manuel and Guy to talk about the announcements from March for nearly 40 minutes. Turns out that when we don’t have a time limit, we just keep on talking.

So, if you enjoy listening to podcasts or miss hearing about things from our community, please subscribe or watch the embedded YouTube video below.

Most importantly, this is a community podcast and we’d love to include your stories and projects in these discussions. So if you have an idea for a topic, or would like to be on the podcast yourself, please contact us.