Notice of Special General Meeting

Hi everyone.

We, that is the current organisers committee, have been talking for a while now about registering as an Incorporated Association with Consumer Affairs Victoria. This puts some additional overhead on us around record keeping and meeting minutes, but it also gives us a lot of advantages around legal liability and financial control (we’d be a registered not-for-profit organisation). You can read more on the advantages here.

It also allows us to open up the structure of the user group to be more transparent in our decision making and directions; and means we can inject a bit more democracy into things.

We will therefore be holding a Special General Meeting on April 28th, the business of which will be to propose the incorporation of Melbourne AWS User Group Inc. We propose as well to adopt the Model Rules provided by the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

You can find out more at Meeting Notices, you can also check out the proposed rules.