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The Melbourne AWS User Group has one of the most active AWS-related Slack teams in the world, with over 600 members and 20% active on any given weekday.

It is a great place to ask questions, talk shop and make connections.


As with any Slack team, discussion happens across a number of channels based around loose purposes, a few of those are listed below.


The place for general conversation, AWS questions, comments, frustrations, etc. Anything goes! (But don’t forget the code of conduct).


The place where news comes in (via the AWS news bot) and new features are discussed.


Where AWS services go to die. Or at least where their death throes are disected.


Looking for skilled AWS employees? Or AWS-related work? The place where jobs are posted.


A specific place for tweets and Melbourne AWS User Group news.


For people who want to help out at events.


Our organisers are all on Slack and are generally reachable during the day. Please feel free to message us directly if you have any questions or comments.

NameSlack handle
Arjen Schwarz@arjen
Rob Amos@bok

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