Starting your own AWS-related User Group

Starting a User Group can seem like a big challenge, and in many cases it is. Starting in 2020 the Melbourne AWS User Group want to open up to other AWS-related user groups in the city and pool resources and knowledge.

This could come in many forms, whether you’d like to start a general group with a different format (like regular hack nights, or more social), or if you’d prefer to start a small group that is specific to a particular AWS service or segment (like a Redshift group, or AWS Machine Learning group), we’d love to work together to help you get your group off the ground.

Why? Our overriding goal is to foster the Melbourne AWS community with opportunities to learn, network and boost their careers. This doesn’t have to specifically be at one of our events. If we feel the community could benefit from something, we are happy to promote and assist. An example of this is our event Introductions usually include a “whats on” segment, where we can highlight upcoming events that other AWS-related user group events are running.

AWS has a huge product offering these days as well. As a general AWS group we could provide weekly meetups to the community and still not cover every service or topic that the community might be interested in. We feel a better model is to spread the load amongst a number of groups, where we stay at the general level and talk about all facets of AWS, while specialist groups look into topics of interest to them. These specialist groups may end up being smaller or meet less frequently but are still providing a valuable source of opportunities to the community.

So we’d like to reach out to people thinking of starting their own groups and offer our assistance where we can. This cooperation could come in any number of forms, but we’d like to highlight the opportunity to start sub-groups.

Starting a sub-group

Provided you are willing to abide by our [code of conduct][(/code-of-conduct/)] and the general spirit of our community, you could start a sub-group within the AWS Community Melbourne umbrella. The main benefit this brings is the ability to share our sponsorship and access to our community with you, if desired. Finding and establishing relationships with sponsors is one of the hardest parts of growing and sustaining a group.

A sub-group might be especially relevant for a specialist group. Specialist groups can be harder to start as spreading the word and finding sponsors for a narrower topic can be more difficult than for established groups. We’d like to help bridge that gap.

We would also be willing to share our AV and live streaming gear with sub-groups.

We have a Meetup Pro network that you would be a part of, so you still manage your group independently but be a part of the larger community in Melbourne. Learn more about Meetup Pro

Other Cooperation

You don’t have to be affiliated with our group though! We are more than happy to help grow the AWS community in Melbourne in any way we can.

Some ways we could help include:

  • Connections to sponsors. We can introduce you to companies who may be interested in sponsoring your events.
  • Introducing speakers. Sometimes a speaker may present at our event, then go on to do a deep-dive or workshop about that subject at another group’s event. Or vice-versa.
  • Knowledge sharing. We’ve been doing this since 2011, so we’ve learnt a lot of lessons and have running events down to a routine now. We are happy to share that knowledge.

If you are thinking about starting your own group or events please get in touch. We’re always happy to grow the AWS Community in Melbourne and are