Volunteering at Meetups

Many hours go into each meetup and many hands are a bounty, but it doesn’t take a large commitment to help out! If you’re interested in helping out please read on.

There are a number of things, big and small, that are done each every month at each event, or in the background in the general organisation of the group.

At Events

If you’re attending one of our events and want to help out please do! Below is a non-exhaustive list of the things that need to be done at each event, and if you think you might be interested in helping out with any one of them please let us know in #volunteers on slack.

  • Welcoming people
  • Setting up name tags
  • Setting up drink tubs
  • Purchasing ice
  • Laying out food
  • Audio / Video setup
  • Arranging stage
  • Cleaning up

Organisation of Events

There are a number of things that are done for each meetup, and in the general running of the User Group. If you think some of these things are in your wheelhouse let us know.

  • Contributing to the website (gatsby + react)
  • Wrangling speakers
  • Ordering catering
  • Video editing
  • Live streaming
  • Audio / Video